Becoming an Attorney Is an Honorable Goal

criminal-defense-attorneyNotwithstanding the popularity of “lawyer jokes,” if you are desiring to become an attorney, you are in pursuit of an age old and honorable profession. Many young people pursue this career goal with the most admirable of intentions, those being a desire to help people.

Being an attorney can present many opportunities to make a contribution in life and even to better it. This may sound idealistic, but the fact is, being an attorney is not just about pulling in a hefty paycheck.

Other Uses of a Law Degree

In addition, a background in the law can be a springboard to many other satisfying professions. The experience and expertise gained while practicing law are invaluable in other fields, such as politics, consulting work or running a large corporation. There is also an ongoing demand for qualified men and women in the teaching professions at college or university level, particularly to teach law.

Ways a Legal Background Can Enable You to Help Others

Many young lawyers contribute their time and expertise in advising those who cannot afford an attorney. This is done through volunteering with such benevolent groups as the Young Lawyers’ Association or Legal Aid Society. These volunteers spend an agreed upon period of time providing free advice to those in need, such as the elderly, answering questions of a legal nature. They may also participate in seminars offering advice on such matters as investing or planning for retirement, Medicare matters, buying or selling a home or starting a business.

They may also contribute their time to such events as a golf tournament or 10K run designed to raise money for a specific charity, or call-in marathons in which they give basic answers to questions of a legal nature. Some even offer their services in a foreign field for a specified period of time.

d6c98d46d7ed1816d4d06a04f0df65b7feb81dffA background in law is also invaluable for one wanting to pursue a political career. They may see this as the ultimate way to bring change and make a contribution to society as it gives them the influence and power to change laws through the legislative process. Many go into this field with the purist of intentions in hopes of bettering life for the whole rather than helping people one on one.

Whatever your reasons for wanting to become an attorney, remember, it’s a fine goal. But it’s also a heavy responsibility. It’s up to you to maintain the high standards required to ensure that the practice of law is not a “joke,” but rather an honorable and meaningful career choice.